ALOHA, My Hawaiian name is Kilika...

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, I inherited my passion for photography from my father... as a youngster I remember borrowing his cameras and firing away!

Freelancing as a commercial photographer and television/film production worker was Exiting and Fun. I've always enjoyed shooting Art Photography as a hobby. I've been shooting 35mm Art and Stock photography for many years. Most of the photography on this site is 35mm Photography.

We mat, frame and produce all of our pictures locally here in Hawaii by using local products and labs. Our pictures have been distributed worldwide for many years. You may have also seen our images on canvas, as well as in calendars and on postcards.

Here in Hawaii we have many fascinating and beautiful sights. It is our goal and pleasure to share these awesome sights of Aloha with others here in Hawaii and around the world through our Photography.

We also build and service commercial websites for our clients.

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